Here’s the thing – you have your favourite charity that you really want to raise money for but you don’t fancy jumping out of a plane or sitting in a bath of beans – what can you do?

The answer is a Chester Beer & Wine fundraising winetasting event!

Here’s how it works – you find the willing participants to part with £10 or £15 each to buy a ticket to the tasting. Chester Beer & Wine will charge you only the cost of the wine used at the tasting (usually no more than £5/head). You keep the rest to give to your charity – simples!

You can host the fundraiser here at the shop, at your home, work, school or community centre.

Most of our fundraisers will raffle a few prizes in the middle of the event to get a few extra quid in the kitty.

Your guests have a lovely evening, you raise money for your charity, and we meet some lovely new potential customers – it’s a win-win-win!

We have raised thousands of pounds over the last few years since we have been running the fundraisers, so why not join in the fun and get some money in the kitty for your favourite good cause?

For full details or to book your event, please call or email the team!