Chartreuse Yellow (Miniature)


Vintage: NV

ABV: 40%

Size: 3cl


Yellow Chartreuse liqueur miniatures is a traditional drink, the origins of which have been traced all the way back to the mid-1700s.

The original formula for this alcoholic elixir has been derived from the Green Chartreuse, only the monks, the widely credited originators of this cocktail drink mixer, made this herbal infusion smoother, mellower, and more approachable to the palate.

This makes the Yellow Chartreuse more ideal for classic and dream alcoholic concoctions than the green chartreuse because it will unlikely overpower the base spirit.

Yellow Chartreuse miniatures are presented at 40% ABV that, compared to its green chartreuse counterpart which is expressed at 55 ABV, is more inviting to the palate with less intense sharpness from alcohol.

Nevertheless, from the nose to the palate and all the way to the finish, its herbal flavour profile shows through but blends better with any other ingredients in your drink.

Those who are well-acquainted with its taste highly recommend it for fixing a glass or small batch of Daiquiri and Negroni.

Yellow Chartreuse mini will also be a good addition to white wine and it will be an interesting tasty treat to go with your favourite bubblies.


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