Chateau Montifaud Pineau de Charentes Rouge 3 year old


ABV: 17%

Size: 75cl


Chateau Montifaud Pineau de Charentes Rouge 3 year old

The name Château de Montifaud is historically linked to the land where the distillery sits. A castle used to be located there, which is why the word “château” is permitted to be used, a rarity in Cognac.

Documents show that the Vallet family has been making cognac here since 1837, though the family believes production started even earlier. Sixth generation Laurent Vallet currently runs the business, taking over from his father Michel in 2010.

Pineau des Charentes is the result of stopping the grape juice fermentation within hours of the pressing by blending it with cognac that is at least one year old — a process that originally occurred by mistake in 1589. This leaves an unmistakable sweetness tempered by a fresh fruit character.

This red Pineau de Charente is made from the best must and finest cognac from Château Montifaud. After the marriage of the two components, the Pineau de Charente matures in oak barrels for many years. This not only helps the finished pineau to become rounder, but also more complex at the same time. The red Pineau de Charentes from Château Montifaud should be served chilled and is an excellent aperitif that is part of almost every good meal in southern France.

Grape Varieties: Merlot, Cabernet Franc