Edinburgh Seaside Gin (Miniature)


Vintage: NV

ABV: 43%

Size: 5cl


Much like the 200 year old copper pot we use to distil, Edinburgh Gin is steeped in history and creation.

We are the modern world’s tip of the hat to Edinburgh’s bygone era – when the city was awash with distilling wizardry and drinks such as the Fizz and Daisy were in order.

For our Seaside Gin the team explored the Scottish coastline in search of the perfect indigenous ingredients for a distinctively Scottish seaside flavour.

After extensive experimentation, they settled on a combination of seaweed, scurvy grass and ground ivy to lend the gin a slightly sweet yet refreshingly minerally taste – perfect for mixing into G&Ts on long, hot afternoons or creating summer Seaside Martinis.

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