Fernando de Castilla – Solera GranReserva Brandy NV (in gift box)


Vintage: NV

ABV: 36%

Size: 70cl


Fernando de Castilla – Solera GranReserva Brandy NV.

Matured in oak vats used for the world-class sherries of Fernando de Castilla, this is top-quality Solera Gran Reserva brandy.

Produced in the Jerez region of Andalusia, Spain. Pot still distillates are aged in barrels that have previously contained only old oloroso sherries and the ageing process is done using the traditional system of soleras and criaderas. The Solera Gran Reserva has been aged for 12 years – 3 years in Limousin casks and 9 years in sherry casks.

Fernando de Castilla Solera Gran Reserva is a superior quality Spanish Brandy made using only the traditional method. It was matured in oak vats previously used for the world famous sherries of Jerez. It has a golden/mahogany colour and the nose is clean, elegant and complex with a hint of oak. The palate is soft, fruity and elegant with a broad range of flavours. Well matured with a long finish.


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Vegan, Vegetarian