Mort Subite – Geuze Lambic (37.5cl)


Vintage: NV

ABV: 4.50%

Size: 37.5cl


At Mort Subite, our first beer ever saw the light in 1686, and we haven’t stopped making great beers since.

The Senne valley, close to the capital of Belgium, is the only place where lambic beers can be brewed. Wild yeasts roam in the local air to make what is one of the oldest and most unique beer styles in the world. No yeast is added during brewing – the beer is simply exposed to the air and the wild yeasts do their thing.

The unfiltered geuze beer is a balanced mixture of old and young lambics, fermented after bottling for at least 1 year.

Filtered geuze is the result of a careful dilution process.

Geuze is to be drunk from the typical geuze glass.

An amber-coloured, crisp sour-sweet thirst quencher.

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