Whiplash – Horse Power IPA (Cans) (44cl)


Vintage: NV

ABV: 6.80%

Size: 44cl


Whiplash is the independent side project of brewer Alex Lawes.

Utilising fermentation space in his own workplace at Rye River Brewing Company or brewing with friends around Ireland and abroad – beers and planning are free and easy and done in a single batch brews. Packaging formats are chosen to suit each beer style, no style pigeon-holing or core ranges. Just beer for the sake of enjoying beer based on ideas, fresh ingredients and seasonality.

Built on our usual base suspects of Pale, Wheat and Oats and rocking a slightly harder water profile to push some crispness this silly beer gets a big dirty charge of El Dorado and Columbus in the whirlpool before pushing off for a ferment on London Fog yeast.

Horse Power is claimed to be the softest, fluffiest IPA the team have ever brewed, with light, sweet aromas of lychee and bubblegum enticing you in.

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